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The next installment to the 
The Middlemark Mysteries Series 
is now available!

The Case of the Voracious Vintner
(A Middlemark Mystery Series, Bk 2) 
By Tara Lain 

Where Bo Marchand comes from, gay men are just confirmed bachelors who never found the right girl. But now Bo’s a successful winemaker on the central coast of California, supporting his whole damned Georgia family, and all he really wants is the beautiful, slightly mysterious Jeremy Aames.
Jeremy’s vineyard is under threat from Ernest Ottersen, the voracious winemaker who seems to know all Jeremy’s blending secrets and manages to grab all his customers. Bo tries to help Jeremy and even provides a phony alibi for Jeremy when Ottersen turns up dead in Jeremy’s tasting room. But it’s clear Jeremy isn’t who he claims, and Bo must decide if it’s worth tossing over his established life for a man who doesn’t seem to trust anyone. When Jeremy gets kidnapped, some the conservative winemakers turn out to be kinky sex fiends, and the list of murderers keeps dwindling down to Jeremy. Bo has to choose between hopping on his white horse or climbing back in his peach-pie-lined closet.
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A Middlemark Mystery

The Case of the Sexy Shakespearean
Bk 1 
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About the Author

Tara Lain believes in happy ever afters – and magic. Same thing. In fact, she says, she doesn’t believe, she knows. Tara shares this passion in her best-selling stories that star her unique, charismatic heroes — the beautiful boys of romance —  and adventurous heroines. Quarterbacks and cops, werewolves and witches, blue collar or billionaires, Tara’s characters, readers say, love deeply, resolve seemingly insurmountable differences, and ultimately live their lives authentically. After many years living in southern California, Tara, her soulmate honey and her soulmate dog decided they wanted less cars and more trees, prompting a move to Ashland, Oregon where Tara’s creating new stories and loving living in a small town with big culture. Likely a Gryffindor but possessed of Parseltongue, Tara loves animals of all kinds, diversity, open minds, coconut crunch ice cream from Zoeys, and her readers. She also loves to hear from you. 

RECALIBRATE: Six Secrets to Resetting Your Age

RECALIBRATE: Six Secrets to Resetting Your Age

Author: Richard Purvis


Paperback: 222 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: Jan. 11 2018

Language: English

ISBN-10: 197844169X

ISBN-13: 978-1978441699

Genre: Health and Fitness

Description (from Amazon)

RECALIBRATE – Six Secrets to Resetting You Age will reform the way you eat, think, live, and AGE! Author Richard Purvis developed a program to help restore optimal health and vigor to your life and actually preserve youthfulness! With more than 30 years of dedicated nutritional experience combined with the latest scientific research, Purvis details how resetting your health and youthful appearance is unequivocally obtainable utilizing six proven methods. In RECALIBRATE Purvis examines the causes of premature aging and the catalysts for diseases such as; diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and even Alzheimer’s. He highlights what we are doing to ourselves to trigger the onset of many illnesses, and what we are not doing to prevent them. Purvis demonstrates pragmatic, sustainable principals, lifestyle changes, and nutritional insights to maximize your body’s biological processes and slow or even reverse aging! The RECALIBRATE plan takes years off — leaving a more youthful and radiant appearance, improving energy levels, boosting overall health, and resisting disease. Purvis introduces measures you can take right now to enhance your ability to live life on your terms. Practicing good health provides the best opportunity to avoid the potential of self-induced disease, and dramatically improves the quality of life. A few short weeks of following the RECALIBRATE program will help you look and feel better than you have in a decade. Committing to the lifestyle and proven techniques will facilitate a radiant appearance and superior overall health – for LIFE!

My Thoughts

Recalibrate was not what I expected. To me I actually thought it would have been about a program of some sorts. I was disappointed when I started reading it for several reasons. The biggest thing was that it was written almost with a scientific background in mind. There were lots of “big” words that a lay person would have to either look up or skim through and not read. Let me preface this with the fact that I have a medical background and work in research so for me I did understand. However, a reader who would be looking to change their lifestyle, might not understand and it would definitely detract from the reading. The other thing was that it really isn’t “new” information that readers can’t find elsewhere. There was really nothing that stood out for me.  However, having said all that, the exercises provided detail instructions along with pictures that showed how to complete which was a good thing.

Rating: 2

Review: KellyR

CIVIL TERROR by J. Luke Bennecke


Author: J. Luke Bennecke


Publisher: Jaytech

Publisher Date: March 6, 2018

ISBN-10: 0965771520

ISBN-13: 978-0965771528

Genre: Mystery

DESCRIPTION (from Amazon)

Self-driving vehicles finally arrive. But so do the terrorists. A thought-provoking thriller about artificial intelligence and the self-driving revolution. You’ll be forced to consider how you’d react if you were cornered and trapped in a terrifying life-threatening situation.

Fed up with slogging through the treacherous LA traffic to get to work, Jake Bendel and a cunning team of experts create a roadway system for self-driving cars — preventing thousands of traffic deaths and reducing commute times from hours to minutes.

For three months, no traffic congestion. No accidents. No fatalities. People finally feel safe in their cars. But should they? Especially when the dark side of humanity sees this as a chance to destroy the United States.

A Syrian terrorist group weaponizes the system and devises a scheme to kill more Americans in one day than the 407,000 + U.S. soldiers killed in World War II.

Viktor, a tormented psychopath and the mastermind behind this ruthless attack, is driven by the voices of his dead mother and Allah …who guide his every move.

While he and his brothers mercilessly annihilate Americans in the name of the Jihad, Viktor plants evidence that convinces the public Jake is the architect behind the most heinous terrorist attack in U.S. history.

But one rogue FBI agent believes Jake is innocent. Together they unearth a mole deep inside the FBI, go off the grid, and hash through a trail of hidden clues to stop Viktor from slaughtering millions of unsuspecting American drivers in a matter of minutes.

The clock is ticking. Can they stop him in time to prevent another savage bloodbath?


CIVIL TERROR is an interesting thriller all about self driving cars and the systems that run them. Jake has created a system that is computer based and will eliminate traffic. however the one thing that they never thought of is a mole and hacker getting into the system and reeking havoc on the world. In today’s society and all the terrorism that is happening, it is not too far from the truth that something like this could happen.

This is a fast paced thriller will lots of action and great character development. It is very well written and definitely believable. There were however parts of the story that seemed to drag on and that interfered with my enjoyment of it. I do like how he ends the story and it really isn’t something that the reader will expect. Overall, it is a good read and I think readers will enjoy it.

Reviewed by: KellyR

Rating: 3


FATAL OPTION by Chris Beakey

Fatal Option by [Beakey, Chris]Fatal Option

Author: Chris Beakey


Publisher: Post Hill Press

Published: February 2017

Genre: Suspense


Description (from Amazon)

A tragic accident. A family in crisis. And a killer watching every move.

Five months after the mysterious death of his wife, Stephen Porter is pulled from a dreamless sleep by a midnight phone call. His 17-year-old daughter Sara is stranded in a blizzard near the top of a mountain beyond their suburban home. She’s terrified and unable to stop crying as she begs him to come to her rescue.

Unfortunately Stephen went to bed just an hour before after a night of binge drinking. With his blurred vision and unsteady balance he knows it’s dangerously irresponsible to get behind the wheel. But he heads out into the snowstorm to bring Sara home.

High school teacher Kieran O’Shea is also behind the wheel, searching for his autistic younger brother Aidan, who is wandering aimlessly through the storm on that same mountain. Kieran is terrified—of the voices in his mind, that Aidan will be taken from him, and that he may soon be arrested for murdering three women.

In a matter of minutes Stephen will encounter Kieran and drive headlong into a collision that will force him to unlock the secret of his wife’s death, avoid prosecution, and protect his children from violence that hits all too close to home.

My Thoughts

Fatal Option was all about the trails and tribulations a family goes through under tragic circumstances. It brings to light the question of what would you do under the same circumstances. How far would you go for your family?

There were plenty of twists and turns to keep the readers attention blending in at the right times to make all the connections. This definitely kept you guessing right until the end.

For me however, it was slow to start and I found myself putting it down. If I would have stayed with it, it would have grabbed my attention after the first few chapters. Once I got there, about Chapter 20, I couldn’t put it down. Having said that, it was definitely well written with great character development. My rating reflects the fact that it did eventually grab my attention and kept it right until the end.

Reviewed by: KellyR

Rating: 4

GAME ON by Becky Komant

Game onGAME ON

Author: Becky Komant

Publisher: Bk Press


Publication Date:  Sept. 8 2017

ISBN-10: 0991811526

ISBN-13: 978-0991811526

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Amazon)


GAME ON! For nearly two decades, Sarah Ruiz’s ex-husband has controlled her. But no more! With Alex finally behind bars, Sarah is ready to put her dreams first. However, her safety and security are short-lived and she finds herself twisted in a web of lies even more complex than she could have guessed. To find the truth and protect her children, Sarah must step into a world where the game played is one of life and death. It’s no longer about control, it’s about survival. From the author of The Controlled, Game On! continues the story of Sarah Ruiz, a fitness model and mother of five whose battles with her manipulative ex-husband will leave you turning the pages to find out who wins the game.

Your thoughts

GAME ON is the long awaited sequel to THE CONTROLLED. It continues on where THE CONTROLLED left off. Sarah was sitting wondering if Christian would soon show up or if she would finish off her vacation alone. She truly did miss Christian and knew her ex-husband had caused the breakup. With Alex in prison, things should turn around and she will be able to resume her life; free from Alex and his controlling ways.

However, to Sarah’s surprise when she return, who was awaiting for her at the airport? Shocked and afraid all Sarah could do was follow Alex’s instructions. She had no clue what was going on or how he managed to get out of prison. Sarah new she had the separation papers and the restraining order and would use that to her advantage. The only problem…somehow they went missing. How was Sarah ever going to gain control of her own life?

Once again, Ms. Komant has blown me out of the water. I actually had to put this book down or would have stayed up all night to finish it off. There are definitely twists in there that I did not see coming. The best part was that it was not predictable like most novels. I actually thought at one point there might be some plastic surgery/disguise! The character development was very well put together and the storyline flowed very smoothly for being 32 chapters long. There are not too many authors out there that have such a profound effect on me. I was lost in the book. It felt like I was there living with Sarah and going through everything with her. It is best to read both books, however you could read each on their own, but it might be a bit confusing.  It is my hope that this is not the last book from Becky as she is a fantastic writer one that I would follow. Definitely a must read.

Rating: 4.5

Heat Rating: Mild

Reviewed by: KellyR

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Country of Red Azaleas by Domnica Radulescu

Title: Country of Red Azaleas

Author: Domnica Radulescu


Publisher: Twelve

Publication date: April 5, 2016

ISBN-10: 1455590428

ISBN-13: 978-1455590421

Genre: Woman’s Fiction

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Amazon)

From the moment Marija walks into Lara’s classroom, freshly moved to Serbia from Sarajevo, Lara is enchanted by her vibrant beauty, confidence, and wild energy–and knows that the two are destined to be lifelong friends. Closer than sisters, the girls share everything, from stolen fruit and Hollywood movies as girls to philosophies and even lovers as young women. But when the Bosnian War pits their homelands against each other in a bloodbath, Lara and Marija are forced to separate for the first time: romantic Lara heads to America with her Hollywood-handsome new husband, and fierce Marija returns to her native Sarajevo to combat the war through journalism behind Bosnian lines.

In America, Lara seeks fulfillment through work and family, but when news from Marija ceases, the uncertainty torments Lara, driving her on a quest to find her friend. As Lara travels through war-torn Serbia and Bosnia, following clues that may yet lead to the flesh-and-blood Marija, she must also wrestle with truths about her own identity.

Told in lush, vivid prose, COUNTRY OF RED AZALEAS is a poignant testament to both the power of friendship and our ability to find meaning and beauty in the face of devastation.

My Thoughts

Country of Red Azaleas was a story of two women’s friendship over the span of their lives. From war to separation of continents, these two women have been through it all. Lara and Marija were best friends with Marija being the wilder one. Lara, on the other hand, was more conservative.  Many adventures happened in Marjia’s life as a reporter, where she ends up covering the war. Lara marries an American professor and moves to Washington, DC. Eventually the two lose touch and Lara is concerned that Marjia did not survive the war.

I have to say that although parts of this story had me turning the pages, more often than not, I needed to put it down and pick it up later. I found certain parts were described in too much detail and dragged on. Yet at other times, it felt too rushed. The character of Lara seemed to be self-absorbed and maybe that was the intent. The character development for Marija seemed to be well-developed. Overall, it wasn’t a bad read but I did find the end came to abruptly.

Rating: 3

Heat Rating: None

Reviewed by: KellyR

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Boyfriend by the Book by Laura Briggs

Title: Boyfriend by the Book

Author: Laura Briggs

File Size: 773 KB

Print Length: 194 pages

Publication Date: July 18, 2016


Genre: Romance

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from Amazon)

Jodi Nichols isn’t the most romantic girl on the planet. She doesn’t get mushy over fictional love stories, or picture herself getting swept away by a handsome hero. She’s much too grounded in reality—and much too busy working as a concierge at the luxurious Regent hotel. Helping customers is Jodi’s passion in life, and while romance may be on the back burner for now, she is nursing a little crush on Levi, the cute and friendly deliveryman for the hotel packages. And unless she’s imagining things, Levi feels the same way about her.

But Jodi’s friends think she’s turning into a lonely workaholic. They try to fix her love life, buying her a copy of the bestselling relationship guide that claims women can find true love by channeling the wisdom of famous storybook heroines. Jodi thinks it sounds crazy—no way is she acting like Jane Eyre or Lizzie Bennet to find a man! But when Levi suddenly grows distant and Jodi’s chances with him seem to fizzle before her eyes, she wonders if her friends might have a point after all. Disheartened and lonely, she decides to give the so-called relationship guide a whirl, with unexpected consequences.

Before you can say ‘Pride and Prejudice’, Jodi is up to her neck in handsome, brooding men that seem too much like fictional heroes to be true. Her attempts to think like the greatest heroines in romance lead her to meet everything from a modern Mr. Rochester to an angsty Heathcliff, and even a Darcy-esque novelist. But when a former crush re-enters her life in the form of a modern day Romeo, Jodi wonders if there might be something to this ‘inner heroine’ thing after all. Now, if she could just stop thinking about Levi, then maybe her happy-ever-after will fall into place…or is something still missing from Jodi’s storybook romance?

My Thoughts

Boyfriend by the Book is an entertaining read. As the description says, Jodi tries to spice up her love life by using the classics and their characters, channeling her inner heroine. Unfortunately, after a few failed attempts, Jodi isn’t so sure she will find her true love.

I have to say that although I am not a regular reader of romance, I really enjoyed this story. It isn’t too predictable as there are a few plot twists and turns that had me second guessing myself. It is a very light read and tasteful; definitely well written with the characters true to their “fictional” counterparts. Ms. Briggs is a new to me author and I have to say, I will be watching her more closely. Looking forward to reading more from this author. This would be a perfect read for a rainy day. It can be done easily in one sitting.

Rating: 4

Heat Rating: None

Reviewed by: KellyR

GHOSTS DON’T LIE by Katie O’Sullivan



Katie O’Sullivan

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 682 KB

Print Length: 246 pages

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc

Publication Date: Nov. 11 2015


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Source: Received from publisher

Book Description (from

Jillian Rogers Greene worked hard to close the doors on the psychic abilities that defined her youth. For years she pretended to be normal, ignoring the ghosts who whisper to her. When a car crash sets her on a collision course with the past, ugly secrets about her family and marriage come to light. She’s forced to reevaluate what she thought she knew…and exactly what the future holds.

Connor Sanderson might be the key to unlocking that future. The grey-eyed artist knows ghosts aren’t real, but his attraction to the beautiful psychic makes him question those beliefs. With her husband plotting to kill her, can Jillian make Connor see the truth before it’s too late?

 My Thoughts

GHOSTS DON’T LIE is exactly what the title states. Jill is your “ghost whisperer” who denies her gift as a teenager in order to be accepted. She becomes the cheerleader and dates the football player. Unfortunately her life takes a turn when her husband is accused of some pretty awful things. Of course Jill believes him and picks up the family moving from the only place she new.

Jill’s marriage since the birth of her kids is not doing well but things are looking up when she returns home to visit her sick Aunt. It is there that her “gift” returns and her grandmother comes to speak with her. Jill’s life is about to change and she is about to find out the truth of what happened so many years ago. Will Jill live long enough to find out?

GHOSTS DON’T LIE is a very well written novel. I didn’t anticipate the story being about “ghost whispering” but it was a nice surprise. It is one of those stories that once you start you can never put it down. There is plenty of twists and turns that keep you on the edge along with some things that you ever see coming. I must admit, there were times that I was angry and wish I could smack Jill’s husband. This is a perfect example of well developed characters and a great plot. Definitely worth the read. Not one to pass up.

Rating: 4

Reviewed by: KellyR

Received for an honest review




Kingston Heat Series


Kindle Edition

Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Publication Date: March 14 2014


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Received for an honest review

Book Description (from amazon)

Will the bad-boy pitcher strike out when it comes to love?

Shy music teacher Sophia Ballis has sworn off men. After a bad experience with a college jock she decided it was better to be alone than to get burned again. She focused on her education and now her new job at a local private school.

Professional baseball pitcher Paxton Hughes is a player both on and off the field. He’s signed to the Kingston Crushers to bring home the coveted championship title. Nothing can get in his way. Serious relationships don’t mix with a life on the road and he never loses focus on the game. One-night stands are his specialty for a reason.

While out jogging one spring morning, the two collide, setting their course in motion. Pax is immediately drawn to the unassuming beauty. Sophia is aware of his reputation and decides one night of meaningless sex with the attractive Texas charmer is just what she needs to get over her self-imposed dry spell. Pax has more than a one-night stand on his mind, but will his bad-boy persona and demanding schedule ruin any chances of a happily ever after?

My Thoughts

STEALING HIS HEART was book 1 in the Kingston Heat Series. Ms Jade will have you loving Sophia and Pax’s romance right from the start. Sophia was your typical girl next door introvert and Pax was the “player” having someone new every night. Sophia on the other hand was a music teacher who really didn’t date much since her heart was broken. As the romance between the two of them blossoms, the scenes get pretty steamy!

I have to say that this was a great read for me although the beginning was slow. By the time I got to the middle, things picked up. Usually I read mystery and/or psychological thrillers but Ms. Jade had me hooked.  This was your typical boy meets girl, they fall in love, and live “happily ever after.” The story had a natural flow, but was pretty predictable. This would be my only criticism. The plot was believable and the characters were well-developed and likable. The secondary characters added to the story line and at one point really pissed me off. This should be a must read for lovers of contemporary romance and/or romance in general. It will definitely be a quick and enjoyable read.

Rating: 4

Heat Rating: Steamy/Sizzling

Reviewed by: KellyR

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