Katy Walters

ISBN-10: 1469952831

ISBN-13: 978-1469952833

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Book Description (from publisher)

Publication Date: February 12, 2012


Hiding his true identity, Detective Chief Superintendent Ben Tobin leads an investigation into a spate of horrific killings in the south of England. Similar atrocities are occurring in New York, Paris and Dusseldorf. Forensic evidence reveals young women raped, bitten to death by vipers. The only clue is a Stone Relic of a Snake-Bird Goddess left with the body.

The investigation is threatened as Ben develops a crippling phobia of snakes. Desperate, he turns to American psychologist, Dr Lucy Roberts. Can she help him fight the phobia? If she discovers who and what he is, will she report him?

Deeply attracted but also repelled by him Lucy agrees to profile the killers. Can Lucy get into the mind of these venomous murderers? Archaeologists suspect a sinister cult. Is this conjecture or the terrifying truth?

Time is running out. More victims are dying. Can Ben save the victims from these cold-blooded killers – can he save Lucy?

Age Restriction: 19+, Erotic/Adult Content

Content Warning: Contains Erotic and mild violence elements

My Thoughts

STONE RELICS is a well written story of sordid murders perpetrated by unknown monsters.  Ben, a flawed but redeemable hero, enlists Lucy’s help and she’s drawn in on several levels.  Their relationship, both professional and personal, is layered with challenges.  Lucy provides Ben tools he needs to cope with personal issues and to profile the perpetrators as the two struggle with their increasing attraction to each other. Walter’s characters are nicely fleshed out and the story not your typical fare.  I found the book a compelling read.

Rating:  4.5

Reviewed By: ReadWarrior